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Invoice Factoring

At DM Medialink, we provide entrepreneurs with much needed sources of ready growth and working capital, when they need it most.  One of our most important services areas is that of accounts receivable factoring.

Factoring is a method of financing your accounts receivable.  In short, if your customers are taking 30 days or longer to pay their invoices, factoring can easily solve that problem, literally putting your business on a C.O.D. basis.

A Method of Small Business Finance Used Worldwide

Worldwide, trillions of dollars of factoring services are provided to B2B business operators each and every year.  In fact, factoring has been recognized as an "essential business financial service" by the world's central banks (such as our own Federal Reserve) and the reason is simple.  There is no other method of commercial finance that can be brought to bear so quickly which helps so many types of business entities with their cash flow problems.  With a factoring relationship in place, your business can have the ready cash for...

For Young Businesses and Startups

Because factors actually purchase the accounts receivable of a business rather than loan against them, factors are little concerned with the credit history (or lack thereof) of there client.  This makes factoring a perfect financing tool for early stage businesses and startups that do not have enough credit history to qualify for a traditional bank loan.

For All Types of B2B Businesses

Factoring is a B2B financing method which can be utilized by virtually any small business that invoices its customer for payment.  This includes:

Factoring creates a win-win situation for small business entrepreneurs.  With a factoring arrangement in place, a small business can still extend attractive 30-60 day payment terms to its customers, yet receive immediate invoice payment from the sale from its factor. 

Find Out More

Want to find out more about factoring and further explore the services DM Medialink can provide for your small business?  Then simply request our FREE booklet "When Banks Say NO!...The Small Business Guide to Factoring."  Its FREE, from DM Medialink Click here to order.