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Welcome to DM Medialink

At DM Medialink we understand the problems experienced by America's small business entrepreneurs when seeking growth and working capital in today's challenging economy.  We understand small business financing problems associated with:

Financing for Early Stage Business Entrepreneurs

Nowhere is funding more critical than for startups and early stage companies. This is also the time when traditional bank financing and financial statement term loans are the most difficult if not impossible to acquire.

DM Medialink specializes in meeting the challenges of early stage business finance.  We are experts in the many financial tools found in the Alternative Commercial Finance Industry.  These include creative methods of business finance such as:

For small business entrepreneurs, DM Medialink is truly a one-stop source for small business working capital.  We are recognized experts in creative Alternative Commercial Finance and have access to over 500 specialized sources of ready working capital for all types of small business enterprise.

Free Initial Consultation...Fast Turnaround Times

We always provide free consultations to small business entrepreneurs in search of much needed working capital.  As a member of the IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers), we have access to over 500 of America's most affordable and accessible lenders.  Our service fees are very modest and in fact, in many cases our clients pay nothing for our finance sourcing services.

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Want to find out more about us and our capabilities?  Why not request our free booklet for entrepreneurial small business owners, When Banks Say NO!  The Small Business Guide to Factoring.  It's FREE, from DM Medialink.